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Distributed exclusively in the US & Canada by The Mikmar Company

Scientific studies have proven that a tightened Girth inhibits optimum performance of a horse. Specifically, over tightening and rigid girthing affects the respiratory function and compresses the muscles,which reduces blood flow and the supply of oxygen. This can result in spasms, impaired movement, reduced power, uneven gaits, defense reactions and

The solution is the Mikmar Comfort Girth.
A Girth designed to move with the horse for maximum performance and comfort!
Available in both Dressage and Hunter/Jumper styles.

Formerly know as Le Tixerant, the re-designed, new and improved Mikmar Comfort Girths incorporate a wide center Gibaud panel, a technical material made in France, with quality padded leather, attractive stitching and roller buckles.
The Gibaud elasticized panel in the center allows the horse's ribs to expand and contract without restriction. This unique elastic panel covers a much larger area of your horses belly, reducing pressure and virtually eliminate the risk of pinching. The panel is lined with a natural non-slip alveolar rubber and is positioned over the sternum to keep the saddle centralized and fully secure to prevent the saddle from slipping.

Mikmar re-designed the girths to specifically address the USA customers needs with the following improvements:
An addition of a safety strap inner woven between the Gibaud Fabric to prevent riders over tightening the elastic fabric, thus improving durability and overall structure.
The Gibaud Fabric, center panel is now black in color, instead of gray, improving appearance with less visibility of the panel under the belly.
High quality padded leather, stitching, and buckles, for a more elegant, attractive appearance, with durability and product longevity.
Center section replacement service that will re-furbish an older girth if needed.


This girth allows for free movement over jumps without pinching, reducing pressure. The new black Gibaud center section is less visible, a major improvement for the Hunter arena!


The girth aids in improved performance, allowing for free movement. Now a more elegant, attractive appearance, with improved durability and product longevity.


For the protection of the horses lower chest when jumping.