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Straight/Solid Mouthpiece Sizes 5.25” 5.5”
Jointed Mouthpiece Sizes 5.25” 5.5”

Available In Straight/Solid Mouthpiece and Jointed Mouthpiece

Feather Bit JointedFeather Bit


Mikmar Feather Bit With Straight/Solid Mouthpiece 5.25"

Mikmar Feather Bit With Straight/Solid Mouthpiece 5.5"

Mikmar Feather Bit With Jointed Mouthpiece 5.25"

Mikmar Feather Bit With Jointed Mouthpiece 5.5"

The Mikmar Feather Bit was designed for the rider desiring a streamlined four point pressure bit style. This new design offers a universally popular swiveling-style shank, a slimmer mouthpiece, and a detachable leather wrapped nose rope, making it both appropriate and convenient for WESTERN showing, competitions, and trail riding. It is available with a Straight-Solid or Jointed style mouthpiece. The Straight mouthpiece provides a solid feel, with mild leverage. The Jointed mouthpiece provides mild leverage with a softer, more lateral connection. The Mikmar Feather Bit offers four points of pressure which encourages proper head carriage, collection, control and relaxation, while discouraging bit evasions. It is suitable for ALL breeds. A nice option for Feather Bithorses with a smaller mouth conformation wanting a Mikmar four point pressure bit. An excellent show/competition companion to the Training or Combination bits. Useful for young horses transitioning to a mild leverage bit or for horses with a good mouth. Popular with gaited riders of Paso Finos, Peruvian Pasos, Rocky Mountain Horses, and Cob types.

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