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Buy online now: $76.95 One size fits 5" to 5.25"

Double Ring Snaffle The Watson Double Ring Snaffle
Excellent for both Western and English disciplines, this bit features two sets of rings, one for the bridle, and the other for the reins. It moves freely in the mouth, while staying in the proper position. The bridle attaches to the top, inside ring, and the reins attach to the ring connected the mouthpiece. The bridle ring keeps the bit positioned in a steadier, higher place in the horses mouth. This placement lessens poll and tongue pressure. The rein ring functions as a loose ring snaffle.  It encourages the horse to relax in the jaw and mouth the bit. This combination is very effective for suppling and achieving flexion, both lateral and verticle. It aids in correcting pullers or horses that lean, and horses that like to get the tongue over the bit,. It is a very versatile, and suitable tool for all levels of training.

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