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Four Point Pressure Bits

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Training Bit-
The original "4 point pressure " bit. Your reins attach to the nose rope putting mild pressure across the nose, and taking some concussion out of the mouth. For all Western riders to enjoy...
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Flexion Combination Bits-
The Flexion Combination Bits have swiveling cheek pieces with 2 mouthpiece choices. A softer, more lateral feeling option to the Combination bit, for Both English and Western riders to enjoy...
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Combination Bits-
Enjoy the Combination Bits versatility, you can attach your reins to the nose rope or the shank. For both English and Western riders, there are two styles to choose from...
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Feather Bits-
The Feather Bit is a streamline "4 point pressure" bit. Enjoy it's slimmer mouthpiece and detachable leather wrapped nose rope. For both English and Western riders...
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Help Picking

It's a beautiful day out on the trail....but if you're not enjoying the ride you may need to reconsider your bit...Some "old faithful" commonly used bits are misunderstood and major contributors of bitting and behavioral problems.
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