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It's a beautiful day out on the trail....but if your not enjoying the ride you may need to reconsider your bit...Some "old faithful" commonly used bits are misunderstood and major contributors of bitting and behavioral problems. Unintentionally you may be doing damage.

TomTom Thumb Bit

  • Common Myth-The Tom Thumb is a mild leverage snaffle bit, great for all level riders, wonderful for trail riding.

  • Reality- The Tom Thumb bit ranks #1 as the main cause of bitting issues over any other, based on our customers experiences.
    The truth is this bits design can be confusing and severe. When pulling on the reins the straight shanks and snaffle mouthpiece produce a direct scissors or “nutcracker” pinching action to the tongue, mouth, and jaw. As the mouthpiece collapses, it presses forward and jets up into the horses palette, one more sharp point of discomfort. In addition, because its lack of stability, the hinged shanks press into the horses face, and pull the curb chain up and in, excessively squeezing under the chin.

    All this causes pain, and frustration to the horse resulting in commonly seen problems like head tossing, shaking, or high headedness, pulling, going in the wrong direction when turning, lowering the head to the ground, twisting the neck, backing, not stopping, even rearing. It is easy to mistake this behavior as unruly or aggressive..but it is most often a lack clear communication, mixed with confusion with pain.
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SingleJointedSnaffleSingle Jointed Snaffle

  • Common Myth-The Snaffle bit is mild and great for all level riders and horses.

  • Reality-You may be unintentionally doing damage to your horses mouth and creating behavioral issues.

    It may be hard to believe but the Single Jointed Snaffle Bit is not always mild, and can be harsh on the horses mouth. The Snaffle bit works off of direct pressure without leverage and is overall milder than pressure using leverage. However, a single jointed snaffle's action can be very tough on a horses mouth. As the rider pulls on the reins the jointed mouthpiece collapses producing a “nutcracker” pinching action to the tongue, mouth, and jaw. The joints center protrudes into the horses palate (roof of the mouth). When a snaffle bit is not effective and is over used by a rider needing to pull excessively, or is used with training devices, the bits action is amplified. Often riders raise their hands in an attempt to gain control of their horse, unfortunately the higher the riders hands, the more unbearable the pressure becomes. Sometimes a twisted mouthpiece is given a try in an attempt to get results... Unknowingly the horses mouth is being destroyed. The corners of the mouth are rubbed open with sores, the tongue is squeezed, and the bars and palate are bruised. With this pain, and frustration, the horse reacts trying to protect itself. It is easy to mistake this behavior as unruly or aggressive..but it is most often a lack clear communication.
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